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25 Foot Large Streamers - TURQUOISE

$8.15 AS25C-T
10 Piece Minimum
More Details - 25 Foot Large Streamers - TURQUOISE

Designed specifically for cannons whose barrel diameter is 1 inch or 2 inches in size. Great for indoor and outdoor use!  (Please Note: a minimum ceiling height of 16 feet is recommended for indoor use)

All of our streamers are manufactured and packaged in "Speed-Load Sleeves."  This allows you to simply tear the end off of the package and drop an entire sleeve's worth of streamers quickly and easily into your air-powered cannon. Streamers have advantages over confetti in that they shoot farther and are easier to clean up.

We always stock Multicolor, Red/White/Blue Mix, and White. We are also happy to provide you with special orders in almost any color, given sufficient lead time. Call us with any questions. 1-800-791-7646

All our Tissue Products are Flame-Resistant.

Please allow 1 week for processing these custom orders.


Solid Color: 1/2" x 36 rolls per sleeve (FR)