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Pocket Bazooka

AE16 Pocket Bazooka™

$97.00 AE16

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A smaller version of the Sky Cannon™, this compact and economical model can almost fit in your pocket. Great for any party!

Simply load the cannon with a 2" Lifting Cup, fill with whatever confetti and/or streamers you want to shoot, tape on the 2" backpressure cap, screw in an 8g CO2 Cylinder, and you're ready to fire!  Makes a nice "BANG" when fired and will certainly get you attention.  Can be loaded with anything: Confetti, Streamers, foam toys, baby powder (for creating a pyrotechnic-looking effect), or even water.

Holds 3X more product than the Pocket Cannon.  This little guy really crams a lot of fun into a very small package!

Includes: Assorted confetti & streamers, plus 2 CO2 cylinders, 2 Lifting Cups and 2 Backpressure Caps.


Power: 8 g. CO2, 2" Lifting Cup, 2" Backpressure Cap
Remote: None
Dimensions: 6" x 2" Barrel
Weight: 1-1/4 lbs.