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1" Backpressure Caps™

$3.00 AE61

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Once your professional cannon has been loaded with a Lifting Cup™ and your choice of Confetti and/or Streamers, the last step is to properly secure a Backpressure Cap™ to the end of the cannon.  The Backpressure Cap™ should be placed over the end of the cannon and wrapped around the sides with tape.  When fired, the Backpressure Cap™ and the Lifting Cup™ will work together to build pressure, resulting in the cap exploding with a "BANG" and your payload being shot high into the sky.

All caps should be secured with our AE60 Black Masking Tape or Gaffers Tape.  Please follow directions and call us with any questions.  Pack of 12


AE61 - 1" Backpressure Cap™
AE62 - 2" Backpressure Cap™
AE66 - 3" Backpressure Cap™
AE68 - 4" Backpressure Cap™