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The Boss Jr. 2" x 6"

$49.95 AE16

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Our smallest cannon (only 1/3 the size of The Boss™), but don't let that fool you. This little cannon really makes a POP! Designed for smaller spaces or rooms with low ceilings, The Boss Jr. will shoot confetti and/or streamers 10-15 feet. Also perfect for building into props and set pieces for creating pyrotechnic or cannon simulations.



Power: 8 g. CO2, 2" Lift Cup, 2" Cannon Cap
Remote: None
Dimensions: 6" x 2" Barrel
Weight: 1/2 lb.

What's Included

1 x Boss Jr. Re-loadable Cannon
1 x Ramrod
Detailed Instructions

Required Accessories (sold separate)

AE62 2" Cannon Caps
AE63 2" Lift Cups
AE52D 8g CO2 Cylinders whatever product (confetti, streamers, or both) you wish to shoot!