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Mylar (Metallic) Confetti
Stacked & Sleeved

$11.00 CF32M-G

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Hands down, this is our most popular confetti!

Our Mylar confetti is 3/4 inch x 2 inch rectangles of thin metalized PVC. Due to this shape, our confetti falls slowly.  As it does, it flips end-over-end, falling magically to the ground.

Our confetti comes in a convenient "speed-load sleeve."  Simply cut the end of the plastic sleeve and dump as much confetti in your cannon as you want!  Since each stack is held together by a band of tissue of the same color, the stacks travel further in the air and distribute the confetti more evenly.  This is truly a beautiful effect! 

Each sleeve consists of 10 stacks of confetti and weighs approx 1/3 lb.  Use 1/3 of a sleeve in the Pocket Cannon, 1/2 sleeve in the Pocket Bazooka, one sleeve in the Simulated Fireworks Cannon, and 2 sleeves in the Mega Mortar and Electric Stage Mortar for maximum effect.  If you are unsure of the number of sleeves you will be needing for the cannons you are using, just give us a call: 1-800-791-7646

Always available in Multicolor, Red/Silver/Blue mix, Gold, and Silver. Also available in solid colors (Black, Blue, Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Yellow). Please allow sufficient lead time for large orders of solid colors.  Call us for more information.


CF32M - Stacked Mylar Confetti, 10 stacks / 700+ pc per stack (FR)

All of our confetti products are available in large bulk amounts for tours and big events.